With healthcare costs on the rise, employers are starting to struggle to take on this financial burden. Employee sickness and absenteeism is costing UK businesses an average of £543 a year per employee, resulting in a loss of £100billion a year for the British economy.

Corporate Wellness

Employees are more productive, motivated and happy at work when they feel good. However, due to higher stress and longer work days, it is more difficult to find the time to achieve one’s health goals. Creating an on-site wellness program is important because the majority of an employee’s time is spent at the workplace.

The benefits of a corporate wellness programme include:

  • Employee’s health and nutritional wellbeing is improved, increasing morale
  • Reduced illness and absenteeism
  • Increased ability to manage stress
  • Staff becomes more focused and committed
  • Increased performance and productivity

Linda’s Approach

I am a registered Nutritional therapist and health coach based in South East London.  I combine nutritional and lifestyle advice with health coaching to ensure the employees are empowered and involved, making it easier for them to succeed.

Having worked as a Product Manager in a corporate environment for many years, I am well aware about how hard it is to balance a healthy lifestyle with a busy work life. Although my personal story made me gravitate towards working with women, I am very passionate about helping both men and women achieve their health goals, which will in turn optimise their performance at work.

Engagement, motivation, support and strategy are the keys to a successful wellness program.. Working with employers to find the best fit for their business culture, Linda designs nutrition and lifestyle-based programmes that will ensure lasting changes in their employees’ health and wellbeing.


Lunchtime Talks

  • Talks for all staff or to create new healthy habits
  • Length approx 45 mins
  • Informative & fun
  • Popular topics include Stress Management, Gut Health and Digestion, Boosting Energy through nutrition
  • Other topics can be requested to address specific health issues

Drop-in Clinics

1:1 consultations are a great way to empower executives to take control of their health to ensure lasting changes are made. We will work together to address specific health concerns, learn new nutritional and lifestyle practices and help overcome any potential barrier they might face.

Before our first appointment, I ask new clients to fill out a Nutritional Health questionnaire about their nutritional health, diet and eating habits. During the consultation, I will carry out a careful analysis of your employee’s diet, lifestyle and general state of health. We will discuss their issues and health goals plus some strategies to incorporate into their diet straight away to start getting your health back on track. I sometimes will recommend supplements or biochemical testing (if necessary).

I will come to your office at a time convenient to you and your employees, all I need is a small meeting room to set up in.